Professionals Dump Bubble Stocks Rotating into Best Stocks to Buy 2020

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The end of the year is nearby, and savvy investors remember that last year while Americans were calling a bear market on CNBC deceiving the world, the world’s best investors were buying stocks with both hands in December.

This year, we started earlier buying names no one else wants to invest in while dumping darling stocks at new all-time highs on the American crowd.

Everyone is laughing hard at the poor American. On my last visit to this country, we have seen a bunch of them moving into caravans. They are slaves, no future, average bank account $1,000. The American dream is a fantasy except for 1%. The best thing to do is to get rich selling short bubble stocks and fraudulent stock advisors.

The world’s best traders dumped with no mercy on this stupid crowd offering dream cars, gigantic bank accounts, and houses to savvy investors.

The US IPO bubble burst delayed the American dream. The Federal Reserve cannot do anything. China is moving forward laughing about Trump.

Trump remains one of the most intelligent in the country. The rest is obeying. They learned how to obey. They are obedient.

Now investors may ask what to do going into 2020?

Well, we raised the most capital ever in the past three decades. We dumped everything at the very top to buy what no one else wants.

Fraudsters as Jim Cramer and corporate Wall Street continue deceiving sheep, although we warned them since the very top!

Now, I am fully loaded and ready to buy more. It’s God’s will. Americans capitulated. Get ready, I might end up making $200 million once the American crowd starts chasing my shares.



Professional investor and entrepreneur. Engineer and mathematician. Passionate for the Big Bang and poetry.

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