Can Citi Be Sued for Defrauding ROKU investors

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It’s a good question about whether Citi can be sued for defrauding ROKU investors. ROKU turned into one of the best stock market performers in the world after Citi slashed its price target. On the contrary common people are getting filthy rich investing with the world’s best trader.

In Alex’s opinion what happened in ROKU has a simple explanation. We are before active fraud and corruption.

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ROKU share price continued soaring to $73.5 on Monday as short sellers are forced to close their positions with the largest losses since ROKU IPO.

Start learning how to invest in the markets today before you go bankrupt following the investment advice of corrupt stock analysts.

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People got tired of losing money in the stock market after being deceived by crooks

Louis Rosenthal

Louis Rosenthal

I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit - hopefully you can find in my ideas and articles useful information. I started in the markets investing in Intuitive Surgical many years ago by following Vieira's guidance later on becoming a contributor 

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