The AI Tweet that Crashed Cryptocurrency Ripple in 1 Minute

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We do have the best live twitter feed in the history of the markets. Stocks. ETF's. Oil. Gold. Forex. Cryptocurrencies. Our public track record on Twitter is the proof of it since the company went public.

The AI Tweet that Crashed Cryptocurrency Ripple 75% in 1 Minute

We do have the best live twitter feed in the history of the markets. Stocks. ETF’s. Oil. Gold. Forex. Cryptocurrencies. Our public track record on Twitter is the proof of it since the company went public.  Unfortunately, it is common seeing idiots and companies using Twitter as a SPAMMING machine – Donald Trump is a famous example. Twitter should be used as a very effective communication tool helping others searching for relevant content. Instead, it is used by criminals, terrorists and scammers @ronniemoas to deceive people.

However what most people are not aware of is that  Twitter is a very powerful tool used by artificial intelligence to predict some of the most profitable moves in the capital markets. Obviously, I am not going to explain how it is done. Herein, I am going to refer to the  AI Tweet that Crashed Cryptocurrency Ripple, but I am not going to tell the whole story behind it. We made a tremendous favor publishing it in real-time on Twitter. The truth shall be said is that we have been having the most fun since Twitter exists. Einstein said it – Human Stupidity is Infinite.

  1. Donald Trump on Twitter validates Einstein theory.
  2. All those idiots who believed that I was going to be wrong naming Ripple and TRON, cryptocurrencies Ponzi schemes – validates Einstein theory.
  3. Implicitly, all the idiots who continue arguing against Einstein – validates Einstein theory.

If you wish to learn more about Einstein in the capital markets you have our Blog as a reference – start by reading this article

Einstein’s Riddle Shows 95% Americans more Stupid than Donald Trump

Unlike what most people believe markets are rational, what’s not rational is to have Donald Dumb Trump as President of the United States, and truly stupid Americans buying Ripple US. Dollar at $3 ahead of a crash. Watch them live publishing charts on raising Ripple price target to $15 ahead of the most important cryptocurrencies crash ever!

CryptoCurrency Expert Says TRON Binance is a Fraud Forecasting Crash

According to the opinion of my clients, it is preferable to listen to a true genius and market legend. The outcome is astonishing because it is known in advance while for everyone else it is a variable. You have before your eyes the ultimate competitive advantage. The Holy Grail of successful investing. Everyone else available on the web, talking about cryptocurrencies it is either a scam or useless.

Vieira’s Bearish Ripple Forecast Cryptocurrency Bubble Tumbles

Enjoy the 1-minute video


Twitter is an invaluable tool for professionals in the crypto markets – RIPPLE TO CRASH FOLKS! IT WILL BE AMAZING!


My thank you to Einstein.


Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is married and is the father of two. He's been an investor for 30 years. His public uncanny track record is available on the web demonstrating what no one else has been able to do.

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