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Artificial intelligence is the biggest revolution in our lives, and we invite you to learn, take part, and profit using Perelman’s AI algorithm while following the insight, experience, imagination, and knowledge of a visionary. Learn about the man who tells you the future showing it on the screen in real-time on any company you are interested in investing in.

100% Accurate Live Trading Signals

We offer different options for traders and investors regardless of your budget. We have you covered no matter which solution you choose to trade Stocks, ETFs, Forex, Oil, Gold, IPO, Bitcoin, including continuous updates released at critical times helping you to execute flawlessly. Choose your portfolio from over one hundred NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies to invest in. Everything you see happening in stocks, bitcoin, forex, ETFs follows a plan executed by the most accurate and powerful AI algorithms.

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We collaborate with our own team, clients, and partners on a leading app enriched with our expertise, insight, and proprietary AI research and analysis. Our services are entirely free to use and accessible to everyone except a few cases such as professional services, analysis on-demand, live events for professionals, courses, AI bots, expert support, custom products, AI portfolio, and risk analysis, and services distributed through apps.
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